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Yila Healing Trail logo

Styleguide and CI Assets for
The Yuin Healing Trail.

Download links to specific assets are included below.
Some assets, like CMYK and Pantone color can be requested if not yet available.


The Yuin Healing trail logotype

The Yuin Healing Trail Logo is a logotype, it consists of the name stacked vertically in our brand font, each word in a different color of our palette. The word HEALING has an inline hairline, which symbolises healing from within and growth and is always to be used in the same color (Yuin Red 70%).

Note the logotype reveals several hints for our brand design:
- Colors
- Rounded Corners
- Font (Bungee and Bungee Inline)
YHT logotype sand
use whenever possible if contrast allows for easy reading
Yila Healing Trail logo
YHT logotype white tone
can be used where contrast of colored logotype is not satisfying, on images and plane colored backgrounds.
- The logotype white is also OK to be used as the stamp logo, instead of main logo, by using one of the YHT main color palette colors as background
Yila Healing Trail logo white
Yila Healing Trail logo whiteYila Healing Trail logo white
Yila Healing Trail logo whiteYila Healing Trail logo white
- OK to be used for 1 colored prints (use of up to 50% opacity of logo or logo field background for stamp look)
Yila Healing Trail logo white
Yila Healing Trail logo white
YHT logotype grayscale for 1 colored display
YHT logotype stamp for 1 colored display if grayscale version is not possible
Yila Healing Trail logo whiteYila Healing Trail logo white
Use logotype grayscale or stamp (or logotype white tone as shown above) when having to use just one color in print applications
Requred Spacing around the logo

Blue (X) is the actual logo size = the minimal field around the logo when used as a stamp (with a background color).

Red (Y) is the recommended minimal additional space around the logo for any usage.
This link will take you to a Google Drive folder where the logos can be downloaded in different formats, sorted in folders by print or web use.

You can download whole folders with all logos or with the help of the logo names listed on this page you should be able to just download the required version(s).


Yila Green
HEX: #3c453a
RGB: 60,69,58
CMYK: C69 M54 Y69 K48
Pantone: XXXC / XXXU
Yila Sand
HEX: #b1a88d
RGB: 177,168,141
CMYK: C32 M29 Y47 K0
Pantone: XXXC / XXXU
Yila Red
HEX: #6f2424
RGB: 111,36,36
CMYK: C34 M90 Y80 K44
Pantone: XXXC / XXXU
Yila Red 70%
HEX: #9c5246
RGB: 156,82,70
CMYK: C29 M74 Y71 K18
Pantone: XXXC / XXXU
Yila Ocre
HEX: #b79040
RGB: 183,144,64
CMYK: C28 M41 Y88 K5
Pantone: XXXC / XXXU
Soft Green
HEX: #9ba89a
RGB: 155,168,154
CMYK: C42 M26 Y40 K1
Pantone: XXXC / XXXU
Yila Sunrise
HEX: #efbda7
Pantone: XXXC / XXXU
Soft Amber
HEX: #d6c8ba
RGB: 214,200,186
CMYK: C16 M19 Y25 K0
Pantone: XXXC / XXXU
HEX: #9a9ba4
RGB: 154,155,164
CMYK: C42 M35 Y28 K0
Pantone: XXXC / XXXU
HEX: #05b5c9
RGB: 5,181,201
CMYK: C73 M5 Y21 K0
Pantone: XXXC / XXXU
HEX: #111111
RGB: 17,17,17
CMYK: C35 M35 Y35 K100
Pantone: XXXC / XXXU
RGB: 255,255,255
CMYK: C0 M0 Y0 K0
Pantone: XXXC / XXXU


The font for headlines and in the Yila Healing Trail Logotype is Google font Bungee. For running text Google font Questrial can be used.
Note that font sizes are indicated for recommended web use and need to be adjusted according to the medium at hand.

Display font Source Sans Pro

Weights: Regular 400

Heading 1 (56px)

Heading 2 (36px)

Heading 3 (46px / Hairline)

Heading 4 (20px)

Heading 5 (18px)
Heading 6 (16px)
Heading fonts:
Bungee, Bungee Inline, Bungee Hairline

Text font:

Ad minim veniam quis nostrud exerci tation ullamcorper suscipit lobortis nisl; ut aliquip ex. Nulla facilisis at vero eros et accumsan et iusto odio dignissim qui blandit? Humanitatis per seacula, quarta decima et quinta decima eodem modo typi qui nunc nobis videntur. Possim assum typi non habent claritatem insitam est usus legentis in iis qui facit eorum claritatem?

Links, Buttons, Highlights


As a general rule, use Yila Red underlined  or for text links.
On dark backgrounds, use Yila Sunrise underlined  or for text links.

Use rounded corners and Yila Red/Yila Red 70 for buttons
Text and design emphasis with gradient:

As the font Questrial has no bold cut, for print publications, use a YHT color-to-white gradient as emphasis instead.

Use such gradients with YHT color palette for other design elements when appropriate. See samples below.
Using gradients with YHT colors sample
Using gradients with YHT colors sample

Special Typography

The font of the word HEALING in the logotype is a special version of the Bungee Font called Bungee Inline.  This font can be considered to emphasise wording that has to do with healing. Mainly relevant for print, as not all screen resolutions are able to display the very fine inline.
Bungee Inline for HEALING related word emphasis
Bungee Hairline can be used for occasions where more elegance is required, eg. on images or for emphasis.

Bungee Hairline

Other Bungee fonts can be considered for  certain usage - examples will be shown here, should this be applied.
The fonts Bungee Inline and Bungee Hairline are included in the downloads above


Yila Healing Trail commissioned Summer Sky Wangalee Nganaparlee to paint what healing means to her. Her painting "My Tree Dreaming" is the Yila Healing Trail's signature illustration.

It inspires the YHT color palette as well as the YHT illustration style.
It also serves as a lively background pattern with Yila color overlays.
My Yuin Healing Tree Dreaming by Summer Sky
You can download this image by dragging it onto your desktop or right-click and save image
Usage examples:
Dot elements of painting used as separators.
Green painting background used as background texture.
With Yila Red overlay
With Yila Ocre overlay
With Yila Green overlay

The 7 themes of Yila Healing icons

YHT body icon
Reconnection to Body
Reconnection to Spirit, Spirituality and Ancestors
YHT mind and emotions icon
Reconnection to Mind & Emotions
YHT country icon
Reconnection to Country
YHT family and ancestors icon
Reconnection to Family and Kinship
YHT culture icon
Reconnection to Culture
YHT community icon
Reconnection to Community


Without wanting to be too restrictive with rules regarding image content and mood, we're of course favoring nature pictures of the beautiful Shoalhaven area. If people are pictured we strive for autenticity, community, human interaction, rather than Instagram selfie aesthetics.

We will grow the collection of images available for download when we have more licensed images over time.
You can download these images by dragging them onto your desktop or right-click and select save image
Important: Please use these images only in conjunction with material clearly related to the Yila Healing Trail. Unauthorised usage may be prosecuted.
view over shoalhaven from cambewarra lookout
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