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In multicultural Australia, founded on the unceded lands of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples, January 26th, marking the 1788 landing of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove and raising of the Union Flag by Arthur Phillip, is often a contentious and divisive day of the year. Focussing on the commonality of our connection to this beautiful Country and our barefoot approach to
life here in Australia, Ngungwulah Aboriginal Corporation has called for us all to take our shoes off in a simple act of respect for Country and the Cultures here that have held this land in high regard through their custodianship all these millennia.

Initiated by Ngungwulah directors, Kirt Mallie, Mualgal man of Moa Island, Torres Strait Islands living on Guringai Country and Jrumpinjinbah, Paul McLeod, Yuin man, this reframing of the day allows us to come back to a central unifying concept, respect for Country.

After two years of online campaigning, we held the first on-the-ground event at Nowra Showground to mark and reframe the day in 2023. In 2024,in continuation of 2023’s NAIDOC theme - “FOR OUR ELDERS”, we came together at Rose Mumbler Aged Care Village at North Nowra to offer foot baths/massage to the Elders there and yaan about Connection to Country and this day of the year.

Cudmirrah Picnic for Nature

Sat 21 October 2023, 10.30-1.30

On Saturday 21st October 2023, communities across NSW are hosting simultaneous Picnics in support of nature and community. 

As well as being fun, the Picnic is a chance to bring nature lovers together to connect over the natural beauty and biodiversity of our local area. 

The Cudmirrah Picnic for Nature will help connect representatives from local ecological groups and other people interested in stewardship of Shoalhaven’s beautiful environment. Learn about the Yila Healing Trail (launched in 2023) and find ways to encourage everyone to foreground Caring for Country.

Arrive around 10.30am for some complimentary morning tea ahead of an 11am start.

From 11am-12.30pm, we'll then have interactive activities and a chance to get to know each other and learn about the Yila Healing Trail and ways to get involved.

There will then be a light complimentary lunch served - either outside picnic-style if the weather is nice, or inside the hall if it's raining.

All welcome - RSVP essential for catering purposes.

Cudmirrah Picnic for Nature - Nature Conservation Council of NSW

South Coast Food & Wine Festival

Fri 14 Oct (5-9pm)- Sat 15 October 2023 (11am-7pm) 

outh Coast Food and Wine Festival | Huskisson NSW South Coast 

South Coast Food & Wine Festival is back at Moona Moona Creek, Huskisson on the foreshores of Jervis Bay. There’s over 50 local and NSW brands showcasing their amazing produce and Nowra Farmers Market Masterclasses to enjoy. There will also be bands and DJs playing providing a lovely Festival atmosphere.

Jrumpinjinbah and his son Joe, will be conducting a Welcome to Country and smoking ceremony on Friday 13th October @5pm. Drop by the Yila Healing Trail tent on either day, wander through the village… through the trees and explore with your senses.

YILA Connection Dinner for those in Education: Observe Learn Grow Love

18 August 2023

Respect for Country, Culture and Community starts in the womb and has the capacity to grow as a strong vessel holding us all as we journey through our time here. 

The role of knowledge holders in transmission of this learning is essential - teachers, educators, mentors, and in fact, all those older than us with their eyes wide open. And then there is Country itself, as the ultimate holder of all knowledge.

On August 18th we invited Dr Anthony McKnight, Greg Smart and Crystal Arnold, lifelong students of Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison who left us all in 2021to lead us in practices and ways of Seeing Country. We gathered a selection of teachers and educators from throughout the Shoalhaven to join with us. Our aim was to consider how best to engender and teach this respect throughout the lifecycle of learning and to make sure that there is involvement of our young people in the Yila Healing Trail.

NAIDOC Week - For Our Elders

2-9 July 2023

We held a stall at Shoalhaven's NAIDOC Family Fun Day at Nowra Showgrounds. It was a joyous occasion with an estimated 10,000 visitors 

At the SoulAdvisor stall, we asked children to answer questions for our “tree of life”-'what do humans need to make them really happy' and 'if you were the mayor around here, what would you do for the kids?” What gorgeous pearls of wisdom we received to pass on to Amanda Findley, Shoalhaven Mayor!

From Monday to Wednesday we worked with Nowra Stockland who organised a wonderful morning tea in honour of our Elders. Aunty Ruth Simms delivered a beautiful speech and a heartfelt Welcome to Country, and we celebrated her presence alongside Aunty Deidre Martin and Uncle Paul McLeod.

Warwick Keen, Fine Arts/ Visual Arts/ Aboriginal Cultural Arts Teacher at NOWRA TAFE, invited along three of his students - Anne-Mariee McIntosh, Sebastian Moult and Teasha Smith to help the kids with dot paintings on rocks and writing letters to the elders.

We loved celebrating our Elders and acknowledging the invaluable contributions of local community members who have championed positive changes and continue to inspire us all.

Wayapa Wuurk

21-26 June 2023

Wayapa® offers a powerful combination of Earth mindfulness, narrative meditation, physical movements and environmental stewardship. By engaging in Wayapa®, we can rediscover our sense of belonging to the Earth and restore holistic wellbeing. 

Through this practice, we re-establish a profound connection with our surroundings, finding harmony with nature and rekindling our bond with our tribe and Spirit. 

In conjunction with NSW Office of Sport and DRNSW we were able to offer 5 sessions in  key destination parks at throughout the Shoalhaven and Shoalhaven Highschool  to a receptive audience. These were led by skilled practitioners Jodi Edwards, Shane Venables, Michele Heaton and Stuart Wolf who will continue on to join us for the trail in 2024. 

Inferno without borders movie poster

Inferno Without Borders

The apocalyptic 2019-2020 Australian bush fires were a dire warning: respect the environment and listen to Indigenous wisdom, or our world will become an unlivable nightmare. 

Currently accepted bush management techniques bear little resemblance to the 60,000 plus years of wisdom and understanding that Australia’s Indigenous nations have evolved, including the rich relationship of fire and healthy Country.

Among its many accolades are a number of revered film awards across Australia and internationally, including:

  • Melbourne Documentary Film Festival - Feature Documentary - 2022 Winner 
  • CLIMAX Awards - Documentary Feature - 2022 Nominee
  • Festival Internacional Filmambiente de Rio de Janeiro - Feature Documentary - 2022 Winner
  • FILMHAUS: Berlin Film + New Media Competition - Best Nature Documentary - 2022 Nominee
  • SENSEI Tokyo FilmFest - Best Documentary Cinematography - 2022 Nominee 
  • SENSEI Tokyo FilmFest - Best Expository Documentary - 2022 Nominee 
  • SENSEI Tokyo FilmFest  - Best Feature Documentary - 2022 Nominee 
  • Nature Without Borders International Film Festival - Wildlife/Nature Documentaries - Winner 2021
volunteer welcome

Volunteer Welcome

Sat 4 May 2024 (12 - 4.30pm)

We are beyond excited to be running the first Yila Healing Trail on 11-20th October 2024.

It will be a wonderful 10 days of deep learning and immersive experiences and can only take place with the support of wonderful volunteers, both in the lead up and for this time of the trail.

Our volunteers are invited to join us on Saturday May 4th for a Smoking Ceremony, light lunch, induction, playing the prototype of our new game Australia 2030- Respect Around Here and a Furoshiki workshop with Akiko and Wade of Affinity Solutions, to fold the Volunteer bags - screen-printed artwork inspired by 'My Tree Dreaming' and ongoing support to be your best from our Volunteer Coordinators and wider team.

To register your interest as a volunteer -please CLICK HERE.

If you have already registered your interest- you will receive an email will further details but please SAVE THE DATE in the meantime!  

Healing Hub

Healing Hubs

Collectively, we understand more than ever that our world needs us, and we need our world. It’s an intricate relationship.

Our Healing Hubs have been created with a vision of coming together in a nourishing environment to build a strength within Community and collectively play a role in reciprocal healing between ourselves and Country. 

These FREE monthly gatherings form part of our Yila Healing Trail and are supported by a collaboration between SoulAdvisor and Ngungwulah Aboriginal Corporation.

Be a part of the conversation, mingle and mix with your fellow locals, share a cuppa. The intention of our Healing Hubs is to bring us together within the local area to connect, to find ways to collaborate in welcoming in a healed and happy Shoalhaven based on respect and strong community, centralising Country.

Feel free to bring along your business cards, brochures and offers for our "get to know me" table.

Please visit this link to book future healing hubs https://www.souladvisor.com/events

Healing Hub: Two Worlds One Culture in Be Here Nowra - Meditation on Fri, 15 Sep 2023 | SoulAdvisor

Healing Hub: Communicating Country in Be Here Nowra - Meditation on Fri, 14 Jul 2023 | SoulAdvisor

Healing Hub: The Power of Language and Story in Be Here Nowra - Meditation on Fri, 16 Jun 2023 | SoulAdvisor

Healing Hub - A Generational Story of Healing - Summer Sky Wangalee Nganaparlee Unveils Her Art in Cultural Centre Rose Mumbler Village on Sat, 15 Apr 2023 | SoulAdvisor

Healing Hub - Healing Country: We're all in this together in Be Here Nowra - Meditation, 1/62 North St, Nowra NSW 2541, Australia on Tue, 21 Mar 2023 | SoulAdvisor

Yila Country Activation - Healing Hub in Coolangatta Estate on Thu, 27 Oct 2022 | SoulAdvisor

Yila Country Activation - Healing Hub in Coolangatta Estate on Thu, 29 Sep 2022 | SoulAdvisor

Yila Country Activation - Healing Hub in Coolangatta Estate on Thu, 25 Aug 2022 | SoulAdvisor

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