Join us on 13 - 15 October for the inaugural
A whole weekend of experiential and immersive offerings across the Shoalhaven
All offerings will foster reciprocal healing on Country such as

connecting to Country

Yuin astronomy

smoking ceremonies


bush tucker

women’s gatheringS

painting up and understanding the cultural significance of ochre

a place for Sorry Business
meditation and mindfulness

movie screenings and discussions of cultural burning

Wayapa Wuurk yoga classes

open days and offerings from health practitioners

wellness menus at food providers

led bushwalks

participatory art workshops

men’s gatherings
and so much more...

The yuin healing trail map

The 7 Themes


Based on the model of social and emotional wellbeing within historical, political and social determinants according to NIAA.

YHT body icon
reconnection to body
Our body is the closest we come to nature ...keeping healthy and strong allows us to make choices and fully participate in all of life
YHT spirit icon
reconnection to sprit, spirituality and ancestors
Our quest for sense of meaning, purpose, lineage and deeper understanding of our collective humanity is part of a fully lived life
YHT mind and emotions icon
reconnection to mind & emotions
Our capacity to manage divergent thoughts and feelings and integrate the ebb and flow of life allows us to take on greater responsibility for ourselves, others and the planet
YHT country icon
reconnection to country
Our intimate and interrelated connection to lands, seas, skies, waters and all living creatures including ourselves
YHT family and ancestors icon
reconnection to family and kinship
Our family, immediate and extended are the net that hold us here and nurturing this important part of our existence keeps the fires burning in our heart
YHT culture icon
reconnection to culture
Our Culture provides a sense of continuity with the past and helps underpin a strong identity, allowing us to respect and learn from other people's Cultures.
YHT community icon
reconnection to community
Our communities give us a chance to engage in reciprocal relationship to others and the give and take is what matters most during our time in this life.
Reconnecting with nature -
Country, Culture and Community
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