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Anyone who meets Jrumpinjinbah knows what a privilege and a pleasure it is to connect with him.

Jrumpinjinbah means “crow medicine” and he has traveled the world sharing cultural stories, dance, music and art, carrying huge cultural responsibility for his people. He works tirelessly for the healing of this country and this world and is passionate about deepening our sense of belonging through cultural exchange.

Jrumpinjinbah sits on numerous boards and is a strong advocate for the rights of First Nations peoples. He promotes awareness of traditional culture and works with local governments, traditional owners, elders, communities and other organisations to better understand, develop and strengthen cross-cultural relationships throughout the entire community.

He works with his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren participating in cross-cultural exchange with the wider public at Booderee National Park at Jervis Bay on the South Coast of NSW. Jrumpinjinbah explains: “I teach and talk about our side of things, how we adapt, how we look at the landscape, and then I say to each and every individual that they are most welcome to everything that we are, as long as they have respect for it.”

He is a direct bloodline descendant from his maternal great-great-great-great grandmother’s country Wandianwanderian Murramurrang Tomikin within the Bherwerre Dreaming of the Booderee National Park on the eastern seaboard under the Yuin Nation.

Jrumpinjinbah’s ancestral homeland is from the Clyde River in the south of NSW to the Shoalhaven River to the north, between the Budawang Ranges and the sea. In their language, they call this area the “Northern Murring”.

Jrumpinjinbah shows respect for his Grannies Jillabino from his father’s clan of the Underthurgetti, Jaithmathang and Yaithmathang First Nations peoples located in the Eastern Alps of the Great Dividing Range.

Every conversation is healing and Jrumpinjinbah loves bringing people back to their Indigenous roots. We all have our own story of connection to Country and our place of birth represents our clan and our story. We don’t own the land - we belong to it - and everything that you see is from the land.

As Jrumpinjinbah says: “Your human existence will only last for a short space of time, and from there you go back to the spiritual essence where everyone is equal. There is no ‘You’re greater than me or I’m greater than you’. You just are”.

Jrumpinjinbah invites you to join him on Country to admire the beauty and pay homage to Mother Earth.



10:30 am
12:30 pm
$50. Children under 10 free
Iluka Beach, Booderee National Park, Jervis Bay Rd, Jervis Bay ACT 2500

Connect to Country


Experience true Connection to Country with Jrumpinjinbah and family.

You are warmly welcomed to join Jrumpinjinbah and family on Country at Wandianwanderian Murramurrang Tomikin within the Bherwerre Dreaming of the Booderee National Park. Maximum of 20 people Admire the beauty, close your eyes, open your mind and see the beauty within yourself and the land. This simple act of mutual reciprocity and healing with Mother Earth and all of her manifestations is like nothing else that you will ever experience. Jrumpinjinbah says: “Our connection to our culture and country is fundamental to our wellbeing and extends from the past to shape our present and survey our future. We must ensure that we continue to keep our cultural heritage alive by passing our knowledge, arts, rituals and performances from one generation to another, speaking and teaching languages, protecting cultural materials, sacred and significant sites, and objects”. While every individual and group encounter with Jrumpinjinbah may be different, the core principle will remain the same - we are all one and we have one Mother Earth worldwide. Jrumpinjinbah reminds us that “We come into the world from a spiritual essence, we live in a flesh essence, and then we return to the spirit." Stand with Jrumpinjinbah in a true act of belonging on Country in the same way that he and the Traditional Custodians of this land always have.

Reconnecting with nature -
Country, Culture and Community
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