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Throughout the history of most cultures, poets are often the prophets of their times, offering witness, warning and wisdom, in their truth-telling, fiercely patriotic to human emotion. Poetry says some more precise and intricate terms. Poetry is already at the forefront of the conversation on abiding uncertainty we face, on this brink, wIn this workshop, we will participate in the reading of a selection of poetry, that responds unflinchingly, to the climate crisis, and does not look away. There is an invitation for writing some poetry both to express, and be heard and confront feelings of overwhelm. grief and anxiety. 1/4 of Australians admit to being freaked out about climate change, in recent Climate Compass research from the CSIRO. Working with poetry, as the applied research that is emerging shows us, reminds us that despair and fear are not inherently bad, and that hope and optimism are not necessarily good. Poetry knows as climate-aware psychotherapist Caroline Hickman has stated,, that life in an ecological emergency is not a linear progression. There will be an opportunity for the group to read thier work and be a part of the Berry Writers Festival in 2024 and also the Milton writers Festival.

At the Yuin Healing Trail Weekend we offer a 3 hour Poetry therapy workshop for eco-anxiety /eco greif sponsored by Transition Shoalhaven locally. Opportunity to perform poetry at Berry and/or Milton Writers Festival in 2024.

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